RX Renault 5 Maxi Turbo 4X4 – Gerard Roussel

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RENAULT 5 MAXI TURBO RX 4×4 (Gerard Roussel)

The world of rallycross has always been very competitive and with lower budget teams it was necessary to be ingenious. Since the rules were very loose in rallycross, many competitors tried everything to gain an edge, including converting their cars to four wheel drive before it even became the norm in Group B. However, those systems were often “homemade” by using a myriad of different parts slapped together. By 1987, with the mass introduction of Group B cars into rallycross, four wheel drive became a necessity for those who didn’t have it.

The Renault 5 Turbo never came with four wheel drive, not even with the famed Group B Maxi Turbo version, but Gérard Roussel’s team did it with their rallycross car. A four wheel system from the Volkswagen Beetle Baja 4×4 was fitted to the car then later modified with a Peugeot 505 limited slip front differential. With a limited budget, some compromises were made to the car by using cheaper parts from lesser variants of the car. Still, even though the car was a bit under-powered compared to its rivals, Roussel performed brilliantly in the French Rallycross Championship; 1986 – 3rd / 1987 – 1st / 1988 – 4th / 1989 – 5th.


Group/Class Formula A / Division 2 French Championships: 1 (1987)
Years active 1986~1989
Type C7K, I-4, OHV 8v, gas located rear longitudinally vertical, in front of rear axle
Displacement 1527 cc
Compression ratio 6.9:1
Output power – torque 370 HP @ 7,000 rpm – @ – rpm
Materials block: cast iron cylinder head: aluminium alloy
  • Garrett T31 turbocharger
  • air/air intercooler
  • Kugelfischer mechanical multi-point fuel injection
  • DPV anti-lag system
Boost: ~46 psi
Ignition electronic, firing order 1-3-4-2
Cooling system water-cooled
Lubrication system dry sump
Type four wheel drive VW – 5 speed manual
Gearbox ratios 1st: 3.250
2nd: 2.235
3rd: 1.619
4th: 1.260
5th: 1.035
R: 3.182
Differential ratio 4.111 spiral bevel gears 40% limited slip rear differential
Clutch dry – double plate
Type steel monocoque Type 8220 with roll-cage. 3 door hatchback steel/aluminium/polypropylene bodyshell with aluminium doors, polypropylene front and rear bonnets, polyester front and rear bumpers covers
Front suspension double wishbones with lower longitudinal torsion bars connected to lower wishbone, gas shock absorbers and anti roll bar
Rear suspension double wishbones with coil springs, gas shock absorbers and anti roll bar
Steering system rack and pinion with hydraulic power assistance 13.22:1
  • FRONT: ventilated disks with 4 piston calipers
  • REAR: ventilated disks with 4 piston calipers
dual circuit with servo, adjustable ratio split front to rear
length: 3700 mm (145.7 in) width: 1769 mm (69.6 in) height: 1320 mm (52.0 in)
wheelbase: 2430 mm (95.7 in) front track: 1390 mm (54.7 in) rear track: 1490 mm (58.7 in)
Rims – tires 16 inch 22/64 16 Michelin
Dry/Unladen Weight
  • 925 kg (2040 lb)
  • bias: F40/R60%
Weight/power 2.5 kg/HP (5.5 lb/HP)
Fuel tank 25 liters
Drag coefficient 0.44





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