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Since 2014, the Rally Group B Shrine is entirely dedicated to correctly preserving the history of the motorsport of rallying’s “Golden Era” (1982~1986) and to keep it alive through education; un-hyped and unbiased. The end goal is to provide an “official” online encyclopedia of the period so that the knowledge, anecdotes and stories of the people involved in Group B are never lost to time. The website currently features 190+ pages of information and is still expanding. You can easily browse the “encyclopedia of knowledge” by using the menu bar above (PC), or by clicking on the top right menu tab (mobile). Even long time fans of Group B will learn something new here!

PayPal DonationThe Shrine is not just an encyclopedia but a small team of dedicated people that helps to promote almost everything Group B around the world, including media projects such as documentaries, responding to demands for information, assisting car restorations and lending its support to historical rally events. If you enjoy the website then you are heartfully invited to donate so that we can remain online and continue our mission. No amount will be too small! Your help will fund the Shrine’s interminable work; past, present and future, plus giving the people who made Group B history a proper legacy. Please support the Shrine via the PayPal donation system.

–Jay Auger
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