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2017 ADAC Eifel Rallye Festival presents "6 Decades of Rallying"
Win a co-drive with Hyundai drivers Neuville and Schwarz

This website features intricate information about what is arguably the most exciting of times in rallying history (1982~1986). This is by far no ordinary “fan site”: it is solely dedicated to the historical preservation of rallying’s Golden Era. You can easily browse my “encyclopedia” of knowledge, born out of decades of fascination and countless hours of research, by using the menu bar above (PC), or by clicking on the top right menu tab (mobile). No matter if you are a long time fan or a brand new one just discovering the amazing world of rally Group B, I guarantee you that you will learn something new here!

As complete as the website currently is, you may be surprised to learn that it is only at a fraction of the vision I have for it! I wish to expand many if not all articles, write those that are still missing, hunt down stories from the people that were there, add more statistics, and of course share all of this with the true fans. However, I am only one person with a seemingly impossibly long time consuming task to achieve this goal. Between the hundreds of hours of work that has already been done, I also have to take care of my family, my career (which can be up to 70 hours weekly), my Group B car project, and countless other things in the great gift we call life!

As such, if you are knowledgeable about something specific to Group B that I may have missed then feel free to contribute information. Any kind of contributions to the website are welcomed such as extra missing car specs, videos, etc. However, some rules must be respected to ensure its accuracy. You can also help out by keeping me updated with Group B related events that may be happening around your parts. Note that you can also add your thoughts to a specific discussion topic in the blog section! If you are interested in contributing information, CLICK HERE!

Expanding my encyclopedia also means getting extra storage space and websites cost money to host. I know that 99.9% of you feel entitled to information on the internet but if you really enjoy this website then please donate a single dollar as a small token of appreciation for the countless hours I have spent making it for you. Please click on the “DONATE” icon below or in the left sidebar! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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