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JAY AUGER – Website Owner, Chief Editor and main Author

Jay first started the Rally Group B Shrine as a side project on his personal blog in 2014. Two years later it became its own website dedicated to preserving Group B history. His passion for these cars began after seeing an Audi Sport quattro E2 in 1986. The event changed his life and is solely responsible for his love for automobiles, rallying, and his skills in fabricating rally and race cars. Jay has since published various Group B articles in auto magazines of renown.

MICHAEL LANGDON – Writer & Blogger

Always a lover of cars and motorsport, Michael was first exposed to the world of rallying in 2019, when he saw a feature on the TV show The Grand Tour, telling the story of the 1983 WRC championship battle between the Audi quattro and the Lancia 037. He was immediately drawn to the sport, and the histories of Group 4 and Group B rallying quickly became his particular (and sometimes obsessive) passion, as well as an area of extensive research. He has steadily been building a collection of reference books, watching videos of past events, reading, listening and taking in as much knowledge as he can to feed his great appetite for all things rally. Seeking a creative outlet for his passion, in 2021 Michael began Don’t Cut, a personal blog dedicated to retelling great stories from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s in the WRC and beyond. As a member of a new generation of enthusiasts, Michael is proud to remain a ‘student of the sport’.

SÉBASTIEN DUSSART – Translator (French), Amateur Photographer and Event Reporter

Sébastien had the opportunity to discover Group B cars at the age of 10 thanks to the live broadcast of a special stage of the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally. For many years, a poster of a Peugeot 205 T16 decorated his room. Today, he is still passionate about cars and accumulates readings of specialised magazines while regularly attending important motorsport events. He was also able to travel to the Eifel Rallye Festival in 2017 and 2018. It is with great enthusiasm that Sébastien accepted the invitation to join the Rally Group B Shrine team.

FEDERICO BAGLINI – Translator (Italian), Author at

Federico fell in love with motorsport when he was just 10. He found in the square under his balcony a parc fermé of Rallye Sanremo, it was already dark and from the balcony he was barely able to recognize Lancia’s 037 and Peugeot’s 205 T16, but it was the spark of a love that never ended. Currently he writes about rallying on, mainly following WRC events and the Dakar, but when he found the Rally Group B Shrine, he felt the need to translate part of its amazing content into Italian, to allow newer generations to discover the golden era of rallying.

BILL MUNRO – Expert Contributor*

Bill is the author of the book Traction For Sale which tells in detail the history of the pioneers in automotive four-wheel drive systems; Harry Ferguson Research Ltd and FF Developments Ltd. Their famed viscous couplings were utilised by most of the four-wheel drive Group B supercars. Bill is the Rally Group B Shrine’s go-to expert for explanation of these complex systems and was instrumental in helping with the Opel Manta 4WD prototype article.

JOHN WHEELER – Expert Contributor*

Mr. Wheeler needs little introduction as he is one of the main characters responsible for the making of the Ford RS200 legendary Group B icon. John has helped the Rally Group B Shrine by providing key information about his unique and amazing “Group S” RS200 – a car that he built himself to give life to the prototype that had remained stillborn at Ford back in 1986.

PATRICK PEAL – Expert Contributor*

Patrick was employed as a development engineer with Group Lotus following his graduation from Salford University. After 20 years he moved into engineering sales and became Head of Communications. In 1997 Patrick left and set up his own PR consultancy business, winning several awards. Patrick is now Chief Executive of the East Anglian Air Ambulance, an organisation close to his heart and one that he had a hand in founding. Patrick was instrumental in making the Active Systems Peugeot 205 T16 article at all possible for the Rally Group B Shrine.

STEVE GREEN – Expert Contributor*

A keen competitor and follower of rallying while at Salford University, Steve joined Lotus as a development engineer. Initially working on the Delorean project and later for Team Lotus’ Formula 1 team he subsequently moved to Lotus Engineering as a founder member of the Active Group and later General Manager. Steve eventually set up his own consultancy, The Chassis Company, before moving to the USA to focus on vehicle development for TRW Engineering in Detroit as Chief Engineer. Now retired, Steve was able to re-visit his aeronautical interests and obtained his pilots licence. Steve would join his former Lotus colleague Patrick Peal to make the Active Systems Peugeot 205 T16 article possible for the Rally Group B Shrine.


MOTOR SPORT – Editorial Partner*

The magazine can trace its roots back to July 1924 when the Brooklands Gazette was first published. The title was renamed Motor Sport the following year and since then the magazine has continued, becoming the authoritative voice on the motor racing world. Until now past Motor Sport magazines have sat on dusty shelves or on DVDs, but now you can view every single page that’s been printed here on the Motor Sport website. Not only can you browse every issue, but you can read every word of every article, every advert and even those famous classifieds. The archive comes to a total of 250,000 pages and counting – every one of which is available wherever you are in the world!

OCTANE – Editorial Partner*

At the heart of the classic car world for the last 17 years, Octane magazine‘s high-profile writers and editors have more than 100 years experience in classic car journalism between them. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Octane brings unrivalled content and insider coverage so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the classic car world.

GARAGE DREAMS – Editorial Partner*


DYLAN SMIT Amateur Motorsport Historian

Dylan is of a new generation of car enthusiasts very passionate about motorsport history, specialising in obscure or little known cars and brands – including the Group B era of rallying. His dedication to writing related and similar articles on a very popular automotive blog earned him a spot to write with the Rally Group B Shrine. Not long after, Dylan had more pressing commitments which would see him rescind the invitation, but not before contributing the Ferrari 308 GT/M Prototype article.


Everyone at the Rally Group B Shrine wishes to thank all published authors that have worked towards preserving the history of Group B in some shape or form. This website would not exist or be as complete if we didn’t have their work as a daily reminder.

We would like to personally thank Graham Robson, Mike Moreton, John Davenport, Reinhard KleinVittorio Roberti, Luca Gastaldi, Bill Munro, plus the collective work of Motor Sport Magazine and Auto Moto and Sport Magazine.

Our best regards are also sent to our various information contributors that have helped the Rally Group B Shrine along since its creation!


*Acknowledgement does not necessarily carry endorsement between parties to/from people and companies listed on this webpage.