RX Lancia Delta S4 – Bruno Saby

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Bruno Saby’s RX Lancia Delta S4 (1988)

Before Group B was cancelled, young Bruno Saby managed to get much rallying experience with the top Peugeot Talbot Sport WRC team and managed to win the 1986 Tour de Corse while driving the 205 Turbo 16. Afterwards, among other racing series, Saby participated in the 1988 French Rallycross Championship while driving a specially prepared Lancia Delta S4. He ultimately finished 2nd in that year’s championship.

Albeit it was a very costly car, the Lancia Delta S4 was originally one of the most coveted for rallycross since it combined both supercharging and turbocharging (resulting in very little lag and more power down in the low rpm range). However, the Delta S4 was reportedly very twitchy and difficult to drive on bumpy terrain typical of rallycross so many teams tried adding lots of aerodynamic aids to the car such as large rear spoilers.

Saby’s Delta S4 was “officially” rated at 450 BHP but most teams that ran the Lancia in rallycross reportedly used around 600 BHP. In the later rallycross “horsepower wars” it was rumoured that some Delta S4s ran over 800 BHP if they were able to reach the finals. It is one of the rarer Group B cars to participate in the European Rallycross Championship until their phasing out in 1992.


Group/Class Formula A – Division 2 Championships: none
Years active 1988 Best finish: 2nd (1988)
Type Abarth 233 ATR 18S, I-4, DOHC 16v, gas located middle longitudinal
Capacity 1759 cc
Compression ratio 7.1:1
Output power – torque 450 HP @ 8,000 rpm 289 lb-ft @ 5,000 rpm
Materials block: aluminium alloy cylinder head: aluminium alloy
  • KKK K27 turbocharger combined with Abarth Volumex Supercharger with 2 intercoolers
  • IAW Weber-Magneti Marelli multipoint electronic fuel injection
boost: 32 psi (2.2 bar)
Ignition Weber-Magneti Marelli electronic
Cooling system water-cooled
Lubrication system dry sump
Type four wheel drive 5 speed ZF gearbox
Gearbox ratios 1st: 2.500
2nd: 1.579
3rd: 1.115
4th: 0.862
5th: 0.710
R: 2.462
Differential ratio
  • 2.263
  • helical gears Ferguson viscous coupling epicyclic center differential with F35/R65% ratio and 2 outputs shafts
  • 1st to spiral bevel gear limited slip front differential and 2nd to spiral bevel gear limited slip rear differential
Clutch dry – double disc
Type composite riveted body panels on tubular Chrome-Molybdenum steel spaceframe, underbody lips, large supplemental rear spoiler
Front suspension double unequal wishbones, coil spring, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension double unequal wishbones, coil spring, twin telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Steering system pneumatic power assisted rack and pinion 2.5 turns lock to lock
Brakes front and rear ventilated rotors 300mm diameter, 4 piston calipers all around dual circuit with servo, adjustable ratio split front to rear (unassisted)
length: 3990 mm (157.1 in) width: 1880 mm (74.0 in) height: 1360 mm (53.5 in)
wheelbase: 2440 mm (96.1 in) front track: 1510 mm (59.4 in) rear track: 1535 mm (60.4 in)
Rims – tires 8″~10″ x 16″
  • front: 235/660 – 16
  • rear: 290/660 – 16
Dry/Unladen Weight 980 kg (2160 lb) bias % F45/R55
Weight/power 2.2 kg/HP (4.8 lb/HP )
Fuel tank 25 liters


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