Renault Alpine A310 V6 (Group 4 / B)

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In 1971, the stylish Renault Alpine A310 was designed to be the replacement of the famous A110, which was already a common sight in French rallies, as both were similar rear-engined cars.



The first version of the Renault Alpine A310 was powered by a four cylinder Gordini engine. Larger and heavier than the A110, the A310 thus struggled to be competitive, and for a few years the two models would race side by side at various venues around Europe.

Renault Alpine A110 (front) / A310 (rear)

In fact, Renault won the very first World Rally Championship (WRC) title with the A110 in 1973. For the A310, the fix to get better results came with the restyled second series which was now powered by the more powerful PRV V6 engine.

The improved A310 V6 was first entered as a Group 5 (prototype) competitor then in 1977 it was officially homologated in Group 4 where it won the French Rally Championship in the capable hands of legendary rally hero Guy Fréquelin.

The A310 V6 had already fallen well out of contention when Group B came along in 1982. Renault had since replaced it for rally competition with the much smaller and nimbler mid-engine R5 Turbo. However, the A310 V6 (which was still in production) was nonetheless re-homologated into Group B to allow privateers to continue competing with the car.

Similarly to the BMW M1 Rallye and Ferrari 308 GTB, the Renault Alpine A310 V6 only saw action in the WRC when its calendar overlapped with the French rally series (such as in the Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse events).

Ultimately, the Group B Renault Alpine A310 V6 performed rather abysmally with a high percentage of retirements. Its last known appearance in the Group B-era WRC was in the 1985 Monte Carlo Rally (2 DNFs).

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Group/Class B/12
  • Homologation number (Group 4): 651
  • Homologation number (Group B): B-204
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Years active 1977~1985 Homologation start:

  • (Group 4): April 1st 1977
  • (Group B): February 1st 1982

Homologation end:

  • (Group B): December 31st 1989
Type PRV, 90 degrees V6, OHV (x2) 12v, gas located rear longitudinally
Displacement 2664 cc WRC = 2664 cc
Compression ratio 10.8:1
Output power – torque 290 HP @ 7500 rpm 300 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm
Materials block: N/A cylinder head: N/A
  • Normal/Natural
  • 3x Weber 46 carburetors
Ignition firing order 1-6-3-5-2-4
Cooling system water-cooled
Lubrication system N/A
Type rear wheel drive 5 speed
Gearbox ratios N/A N/A
Differential ratio 3.444 N/A
Clutch N/A
Type tubular steel backbone chassis, 2 door coupe with one-piece fiberglass bodyshell
Front suspension independent, wishbone, coil spring, and anti-roll bar
Rear suspension independent, wishbone, coil spring, and anti-roll bar
Steering system rack and pinion 3.6 turns lock to lock
  • FRONT: ventilated disks
  • REAR: solid disks
length: 4190 mm (165 in) width: 1621 mm (63.8 in) height: 1120 mm (44.1 in)
wheelbase: 2270 mm (89.4 in) front track: 1410 mm (55.5 in) rear track: 1430 mm (56.3 in)
Rims – tires
  • F 205/50R15
  • R 235/40R15
Dry/Unladen Weight
  • 950 kg (2095 lb)
  • Bias: F35/R65%
Weight/power 3.3 kg/HP (7.2 lb/HP)
Fuel tank 62 litres
Drag coefficient 0.34


Renault Alpine A310 V6

The Alpine A310 is a sports car built by French manufacturer Alpine (subsidiary of Renault), from 1971 to 1984. The V6 version replaced the 4 cylinder engine from 1977 and on.

Produced a total of 9276 units, it is a far cry from being an homologation special but it is arguably considered one of the more stylish cars of the decade. It is note to mention that the PRV V6 engine it employed was also used in the ill-fated DeLorean DMC-12.


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