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PORSCHE 911 SC/RS rally car

The 911 SC/RS was born out of the need to provide Porsche Group C race sponsor Rothmans with a relatively instant Group 4 rally car for them to enter in their distinctive blue and white livery in various markets and racing series, including international rallying. As per the rules allowed, all Group 4 homologated cars could be transferred into the new Group B regulations without change.

However, under the new Group B rules, having a larger engine would have meant being in a capacity class with a higher weight limit, the SC/RS was based on the earlier 3.0 litre SC unit rather than the newer 3.2-litre Carrera powerplant. While Rothmans picked up most of the tab with some support from Shell and Michelin, both the development and running of the new rally car were entrusted to David Richards’: the then Silverstone-based Prodrive team under the Rothmans Porsche rally Team banner.

To satisfy FISA homologation requirements for production cars already beyond the 200 units built, 20 “evolution” cars were produced: five being assigned to Prodrive and the rest sold on as ‘Special Edition’ road cars. The 911 SC/RS got decent results in its early Group B era WRC rallying career but never could clinch a win against its fiercer four wheel drive opponents. The best 911 SC/RS finishes were third places in the 1982 Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse rallies (1982 & 1985).

It is note to mention that almost all of Porsche’s car lineup of the time was homologated in Group B, including the 924, 928, and 944 (full list HERE). However, these cars mostly participated in lesser national tarmac rallies and never matched the 911’s overall international success. The SC/RS was planned to be replaced by the 959 supercar but delays in its development lengthened the SC/RS’ rallying career.

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Group/Class B/12 Homologation number: B-207 (click # to see papers)
Years active 1982~1986 Homologation

  • start: March 1st 1982
  • end: December 31st 1989
Type Type 908/18, H-6, DOHC 24v, gas rear, longitudinal
Displacement 2994 cc WRC= 2994 cc
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Output Power – Torque 290 HP @ 7000 rpm – lb-ft @ – rpm
Materials block: N/A cylinder head: N/A
  • Natural / Normal
  • Kugelfisher fuel injection
Ignition electronic
Lubrication system dry sump with 1 oil cooler
Cooling system air-cooled
Type rear wheel drive Type 915 – 5 speed manual gearbox
Gearbox ratios N/A N/A
Differential ratios N/A limited slip rear differential
Clutch N/A
Type 930 steel chassis with roll cage, “turbo” widebody panels, aluminum door panels & front bonnet, fiberglass bumper covers, sills, engine lid, and rear spoiler, thinner window glass
Front suspension
  • heavy-duty shock absorbers, reinforced strut-brace and larger torsion bar
  • (1985+) helicoidal springs
Rear suspension
  • heavy-duty shock absorbers, larger torsion bar
  • (1985+) helicoidal springs
Steering system N/A N/A
Brakes N/A
  • dual circuit with servo
  • adjustable proportioning valve
length: 168.9 in (4290 mm) width: 69.9 in (1776 mm) height: 51.6 in (1310 mm)
wheelbase: 89.4 in (2270 mm) front track: N/A rear track: N/A
Rims – Tires
  • N/A
  • N/A
Dry/Unladen Weight 960 kg (2115 lb) Bias: N/A
Weight/power 3.3 kg/HP (7.3 lb/HP)
Fuel tank N/A
Drag coefficient N/A



Porsche is synonymous with motorsport and rallying did not escape their aspirations during the first two decades of the 911. The 911 SC did quite well on its own while not being a true homologation special. Due to the various specifications of 911 models over the years please CLICK HERE to find them out on your own.


Porsche_911_SC_RS_001 Porsche-911-SC-RS-Group-B 911rally 911sc 911scrs


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