Why Donate to the Shrine?

What is the Rally Group B Shrine?

The website was a project that I first launched on my personal blog in 2014. Two years later it all metamorphosed into its own dedicated website. Hundreds of hours of my personal time were invested with no other goals than sharing my knowledge with the world and promoting the best era in rallying. As complete as the website currently is, you may be surprised to learn that it is only at a fraction of the vision I have for it. I am only one person in a seemingly long and impossible task to find the multiple hundred extra hours to achieve it. A quick browse in the website should be enough to convince you of the enormity of my efforts. To learn more about my story, CLICK HERE.

Why donate?

My original wish always was to make the website ad free. Most of the ads present on the website are in fact courtesies I am making free of charge to help spread knowledge about the amazing Group B era. However, as my hosting fees rose dramatically (to try and prevent bloggers from stealing my articles and claiming them as their own) I felt like I had no choice but to introduce the necessary evil of cookie based ads to pay for the new features. After all, I am just a regular person with my own family to take care of.

I know that 99% of you feel entitled to information on the internet but if you really enjoy this website then I encourage you to make a small donation of only one base unit of your currency (1 €/£/$). Current ad revenue only covers about 30% of the yearly hosting fees. The rest is up to good Samaritans, like you. Donations will greatly help show your support for my work!

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