Why Donate to the Shrine?

What is the Rally Group B Shrine?

Ever since its creation, countless man hours were invested (hundreds more to come) with no other goal than sharing knowledge about the motorsport of rallying’s Golden Era: Group B (1982~1986). The Shrine is entirely dedicated to its historical preservation, keeping it alive through education. A quick browse of the website’s 160 pages should be enough to convince you of the enormity of its undertaking.

Why donate?

It is a known fact that 99.9% of the people browsing the internet feel entitled to the information found within, often ignoring that websites cost money to host, while complacently forgetting that hard working folk are behind it. The original wish always was to make the website ad-free. However, as the hosting fees rose dramatically, there was little choice but to introduce the necessary evil of annoying cookie based ads. Current advertisement and commission revenue only covers about 50% of the yearly hosting fees. The rest is up to good Samaritans, like you.

If you really enjoy this website then please donate a small token of appreciation for the countless hours spent making it for you. Donations will greatly help show your support for the Shrine’s work; past, present, and future!

Jay Auger
Rally Group B Shrine owner & author

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P.S.: Alternatively to donating, you can also help the Shrine by making sure you scroll down every page to the very bottom so that more advertisements appear on your screen, and you don’t even have to look at them if you don’t want to! However, if enough donations are received the website could return to being ad-free, which is BETTER!