– The Rally Group B Shrine Returns to Being Ad-Free


Hallo Group B fans,

It is my joy to announce the return of the website to its former ad-free state. It was never the intent to run these nasty cookie-based ads but they had seemed necessary at a point in time when the site’s hosting fees rose dramatically. However, even though the Shrine’s other revenue sources such as donations have been very poor, I have decided to take the fees of the website on my limb once more.

Similarly to Wikipedia, it is very challenging for a knowledge website such as the Rally Group B Shrine to find good-hearted people willing to donate a tiny sum in return for their enjoyment of the site and the countless hours of hard work that was put in by everyone at the Team. As such, I once again urge fans of Group B and of this Shrine to donate.

Please use THIS LINK for donation options and please accept our sincerest thanks!

–Jay Auger
RGBS owner, chief editor and author