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#FF0000 Raised 200 £ towards the 500 £ target.The Shrine is NOT a for-profit (commercial) operation hence it must rely on advertising and personal donations to help pay the yearly website hosting fees and its operations. If you enjoy the website then I invite you to donate so that it can remain online, free to all. No amount will be too small. Your help will fund the Shrine’s interminable work; past, present, and future!

The amount shown in the thermometer represents the minimum personal donations required per year, but feel free to make it burst! If every visitor donated a single unit of their currency (1 £/€/$) every year then the Shrine would have the necessary funds to fulfil its mission by going to meet as much of the people who were behind Group B’s history, so that their knowledge, stories and contribution are never lost to time. Oh, and the website would be ad-free, too!

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While donations are preferred, here are various ways in which you can also help;

  • Purchase books from the Group B book storeThe Shrine earns a small commission on each sale from the BookDepository.com.
  • Purchase DVDs, Blu-Rays, or Downloads from the Group B Video Store. While no sale commissions are earned from DukeVideo.com, supporting them and other partners such as Pacenotes Rally Magazine and RS Motorsport will keep them advertising on the website!
  • Purchase articles from the Shrine to complement your publishing needs such as for automotive magazines. Please use this CONTACT FORM to inquire.
  • Browsing to the very bottom of every page will make more advertisements appear on your screen (you don’t even have to look at them or click them if you don’t want to). The Shrine earns a tiny amount of revenue for each ad displayed. This costs you only a second or two of your time!
  • Sharing the Shrine’s existence through social media or word of mouth will increase all of the above! As always, please do not steal any material from the website, and do support your local historical rally organisations!

I wish to thank every person that supported the Shrine since its beginning, whatever the means. You can expect the work to continue on with the same level of dedication!

Jay Auger
Rally Group B Shrine owner, editor, author


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