– Meet the Shrine’s new “Mascot” / The Ultimate Group B Inspired Tribute Car


Some of you already know me as the person behind this website and that obviously makes me one of the biggest Group B aficionado on the planet. However, what most of you didn’t know is that for the past decade I have also been working on my lifelong dream: a Group B tribute car. I have been hiding this fact to all but a select few so not to be influenced. 10 years and 3,500 hours of work later, it all came together!

I love every Group B car no matter their motorsport records, so I thought that I should try and tribute the features that made them so memorable. As such, I invite you to not judge the book by its cover and read up on my journey by clicking on either the pictures or link below:

The Gruppe B RS Turbo 16V

–Jay Auger