– Notice to All Writers & Bloggers (PLEASE READ THIS)


It has very recently come to my attention (thank you Jim, you are a good friend) that some bloggers on a very popular automotive blog have been plagiarising many articles from the Rally Group B Shrine website and claiming them as their own. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT DUPLICATE THE SHRINE’S ARTICLES (or parts thereof) WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION! That copyright warning was always and is still clearly indicated. Don’t ignore the law and good ethics for a few likes or upvotes: you are hurting genuine authors worldwide by doing this.

Furthermore, I would kindly ask of you to please cite this website as a source when you use its contents to help you write your own articles. This will bring more visitors to the website, hence helping the Shrine with its hosting fees, in addition allowing your readers gain the option for further knowledge. It’s simple, fast, and easy! You won’t look the lesser for it.

The plagiarism situation has since been dealt with by the blog’s host, the worst offender strongly reprimanded, and most of the stolen articles were deleted. However, I have since taken some extra steps at protecting the Shrine’s content, again sadly at my own cost. This has more than doubled the yearly hosting fees. If that’s what it takes…

***UPDATE*** J.B., a good acquaintance of the Shrine, has written a very helpful guide for all bloggers to understand the importance of good ethics: CLICK HERE.

Jay Auger
website owner & author