– New Partnerships and Collaborations (including TV!)


Some of you may think that this website is nothing but another mere Group B fan site but if browsing the 200 pages is not enough then maybe the following will convince you otherwise!

Besides the heavy personal time consuming investment I have made so far in building the website, writing the articles, improving them with intensive research, and making acquaintances along the way, I am proud to announce recent partnerships and collaborations with various parties!

Of course, I had already mentioned that the Shrine’s Ford Escort RS1700T article was proudly featured in the February 2017 issue of Pacenotes Rally Magazine.

I had also mentioned that I personally have been helping UK author Bill Munro with research for his upcoming book about the Ferguson Formula 4WD system (Traction For Sale). This cooperation has led to the massive improvement of one of my articles about the very little known Opel Manta B 400 4WD prototype. You can expect some of my detective work to filter down to Mr. Munro’s book as well.

My small scrape with the Klein family has brought greater things since the Shrine now features lots of HD pictures from the Eifel Rallye Festival (which is now also proudly promoted on the website). This relationship has helped bring more opportunities such as communication with some of Group B’s greats such as John Davenport, John Wheeler, and Ari Vatanen. All very nice people!

On top of that, the Shrine’s professional looking appearance has brought surprise requests from TV productions about acquiring visual media (pictures, videos) for special features. I merely host the material on the website but my recent relationships meant that I was able to put the producers into contact with the needed parties. Free of charge, needless to say, but if Karma wishes for me to get some form of recompense then I wouldn’t refuse it, obviously.

Anyhow, I am happy to report that I have helped a well known American TV car show and its producer acquire the desired material about Group B. That particular show will soon feature a Group B car along with a snippet of historical footage. I will be disclosing the name of the show in question after the episode becomes available.

I have also been busy searching for opportunities to help finance the hosting fees of the website. So far, all “advertisements” shown are a free courtesy to the related parties since I am more interested in making friends at this point. However, upon the advice of one of my new acquaintances, I have signed up the website to be part of various Affiliates programs to help promote Group B literature and other related items.

You can find the Shrine’s “Group B book store” in the main menu. Clicking on an item redirects to the appropriate Affiliates website. Any purchases you make will help support the Shrine and my unending work. However, I expect revenue from these ventures to be rather humble but I am more interested in the educational value since history is best preserved through knowledge and education.

That being said, any self-respecting Group B fan should at minimum own this book by John Davenport and Reinhard Klein:

 Group B – The rise and fall of rallying’s wildest cars

It has helped me, among other publications, to perfect the knowledge I already possessed about the amazing era that Group B was!

Otherwise, there is the “CollectiblesAmazon Associates stores, which after painful hours of using the search button for Group B related material, also includes the same books but also other items such as DVDs, calendars, model cars, and miscellaneous stuff. I don’t expect much from these at all but I guess I could be surprised. By the way, the stores are in no way an endorsement from myself to these products or to the people who make them.

I am also proud to announce a partnership with Duke Marketing Ltd by providing an extensive list of their Group B related DVDs in the “Duke Video Store“. Again, this is mostly in an academic nature for me simply to please those too lazy to read a book, but not forgetting the obvious entertainment value of watching Group B cars tear up the countryside.

In all, even with recent donations, I am still far short of financing the annual website hosting fees. It’s at about 15% covered right now but the way things are going I am looking ahead with confidence.

So, after all of this, is the Shrine a simple fan site? I’d dare to be proud to say that it’s one heck of a niche site built by passion and sacrifice (sorry honey for monopolizing the computer so often). Oh and no, it’s not finished. Far from it! It seems like everything is just starting to take shape. Maybe I should quit my day job…

Jay Auger
Rally Group B Shrine owner & author